Chapter 1
A Shift In Male Consciousness

I’d like you to take a moment and think about a very big question. When I ask the question, take a moment and really think about it before you give your answer. Are you ready? Here it is. What do you believe is the greatest challenge facing our world today?

I told you it was a big question, so, do you have an answer?

If you watch our current media you may have answered that the greatest challenge facing our world is one of these things: Terrorism
Global Warming
Corporate Corruption
Religious Fundamentalism

But what if I told you that our greatest challenge isn’t even on this list? What if I told you that our greatest challenge has very little to do with this list but actually is the reason that this list exists?

So before I give my answer, I would like to let you know that this is my opinion and my opinion only. I have come to this conclusion as a result of more than 25 years of research and after writing several books on this particular topic. Would you like to know what I believe is the greatest challenge facing our world? Here it is. I believe the greatest challenge facing our world today is to:

Redefine manhood and create a new paradigm of masculinity on the planet.

So why do I believe this is the greatest challenge? Let’s break it down!

If you take a look at the list above, you may notice that men contribute overwhelmingly to these problems. Most terrorists are men, men are responsible for the overwhelming majority of violence in our culture, most corporate CEOs are men and the truth is most religious fundamentalist preachers are men. Based on these facts, it should be easy to recognize that men create a lot of challenges in the world.

So the question we must ask ourselves is, are men the real problem?

Despite what I just shared, I believe the answer is a resounding no. At the heart of these problems aren’t men, at the heart of these problems is an antiquated paradigm of masculinity that men are trapped in and they unfortunately aren’t even conscious of it. So in order to remove the challenges I mentioned earlier, we must create a new culture or paradigm of masculinity that helps men awaken to new ways of being and relating as men. This is much easier said than done. During the last twenty years or so that I’ve been writing about men’s work and attempting to help men improve their lives, I have been accused of male bashing and selling out men. I’ve been called a “mangina”, a wimp, a sensitive new age guy and a man who is basically out of touch with reality. But despite these attacks, I stand firm on my contention that the key to resolving the overwhelming majority of problems facing our world is to redefine manhood and create a new paradigm of masculinity.

So how do we do this? How do we get men to embrace this new idea and join this new revolution that is designed to make their lives better? How do we get men to open up and realize that there is a better way to embrace masculinity that will support them in being happier, more fulfilled and passionate about their lives?

The key to doing this is to create a shift in male consciousness.

What I mean by that is we must challenge men to examine their deeply held thoughts, feelings and subconscious beliefs about what it means to be a man and become aware of the erroneous internal dialog men sometimes have with themselves. It is an inside job, which encompasses addressing our beliefs, emotions, judgments and assumptions about what it means to be a man. It begins with a single man and then expands to groups of men and then cities of men and then countries of men and ultimately the entire planet. In the words of the great philosopher Lao Tzu, “If you want to remove the darkness from your world you must first be willing to remove the darkness from within yourself.” So this shift in male consciousness is the removal of darkness within ourselves so that we can ultimately remove it from our world.

I am so committed to making this happen I have even started my own publishing company with the sole intent and purpose of transforming the world one man at a time.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I consider myself to be an irrepressible optimist. Despite what you may see or have concluded from watching the media, it is my fervent belief that the world is on a trajectory of positivity and the future is filled with unlimited possibilities for those people who are willing to take 100% responsibility for their lives and are willing to capitalize on the technological and informational advances that are currently being made around the globe.

Amazingly, most people do not share my sense of optimism, especially when it comes to men. On the surface it appears that men are like the old dogs that can’t learn new tricks, but I on the other hand believe that you can teach old dogs new tricks and that is the reason for my optimism.

The primary reason I remain optimistic about men is because I believe men are going through an evolutionary cycle. This evolutionary cycle is not based on Darwin’s theory of evolution but rather my own theory of how men are evolving. My theories are based on my own research and are actually my own personal observations, opinions and beliefs about men. I am not going to provide you with scientific statistics (I really dislike statistics) or scientifically substantiated proof. I am simply going to share my perceptions of the status of men in society and where I believe men are headed.

Excerpt from chapter 1