Well written, humble and insightful, Lessons From a Gathering of Men provides open and honest dialogue about society’s antiquated attitudes about men, and how these antiquated attitudes make for some very unhappy and dissatisfied males who feel they are locked into the role that society has cast for them. Taylor’s book rips through the facade and gets to the heart of the matter, which is that guys have feelings too, that it isn’t all about sex 24/7 nor is it all about the fancy toys or the sports car in the driveway. It’s about men learning to get in touch with themselves by stepping outside the box society has imposed upon them. Whether the book will influence the average male to change remains to be seen. However, from a woman’s perspective, Taylor’s book tells it like it is, both emotionally and spiritually, and provides a welcome wake up call to a whole lot of men who are dissatisfied with their lives!

Marta Tandori
Readers’ Favorite

"There is indeed an awakening occurring. Men are waking up to new ideas, exploring new possibilities and seeking answers. At some point on his journey, a man will hear the call to experience a men's group. Rich with real-life stories, experiences and resources from some of the best men's group leaders from around the globe, I believe Michael Taylor has written the definitive guide to help men see the value and power of what it means to belong to a men's group as a key part of his growth and evolution as a man."

Dwayne Klassen